Printing and indentation complete the process once

In some parts printing and decorating and printing processes, it is often necessary to add an indentation process, such as sticky notes, memos, book covers, invitation products, and some decorating and printing products (with creases), according to the traditional printing process. Complete the â ...more

UV Screen Printing Ink New Application and Development …

Fire resistant UV ink Another research hotspot of UV screen printing ink technology is the fire-resistant UV ink. This ink is proposed for the safety of some consumers concerned with the printed matter. The ink and the substrate manufacturer work together to study the solution. Although UV inks h ...more

Research on Form Configuration of Book Design (I)

[Abstract] Book design is an all-round integrated construction system, which involves the selection and performance of processes, materials, printing, binding, and so on. Modern book design has entered the multi-dimensional and multi-directional era of dissemination and diffusion. Combining with t ...more

Research on Standardized Management of Military Packagi…

[Abstract] Based on the status quo of military packaging information management, this paper deals with a series of issues such as the classification, function, management mechanism and fusion processing of military packaging information on the whole, macroscopically, in view of the weak research o ...more

Anti-theft device for the sale and purchase of packagin…

Patent Name Anti-Theft Device for Sale of Credits for Packaging Products Patent Applicant NECTA Solutions for the Sale of Shares Company Principal Applicant Sergio Pesenti Barri, Inventor of Bergamo, Italy; Application for Roberto Sichic ( No. 38812123.9 Date of Application 2003.04.14 Approval Dat ...more

Paste seasoning food packaging hose

Patent Name Paste-flavored food packaging hose Patent applicant Xiang Fangbi Principal Applicant Address 618000 Inventor Wang Yonghua, Sansheng Palace, North Section of Taishan North Road, Deyang, Sichuan Province; Wang Hong Application (Patent) No. 200420060437.6 Date of Application 2004.07.24 Da ...more

Lightweight honeycomb cardboard box

Patent Name Lightweight Honeycomb Packaging Case Patent Applicant Zhang Tongjun Principal Applicant Address 210042 Zhang Tongjun, inventor, 2nd Floor, No.2, Bancang Street, Nanjing, Jiangsu Province Application (Patent) No. 200420062051.9 Date of Application 2004.06.23 Certification Date Approval ...more