Waste plastic recycling market spreads widely

As a measure to save energy and protect the environment, the recycling of waste plastics is receiving increasing attention, especially since the work of developed countries started early and has already received significant benefits. Less and less oil reserves, renewable plastic also means that the oil is regenerated. The melting and granulation of waste plastics can not only ease the contradiction between supply and demand of plastic raw materials, but also greatly save the foreign exchange of imported crude oil. In addition, due to the fact that most plastics are not biodegradable, they can cause serious white pollution and destroy the ecological environment of the earth. Plastics reuse can alleviate pollution problems.

After the waste plastics are processed into granules, they still have good comprehensive material properties and can meet the technical requirements of blown film, drawing, drawing, injection molding and extrusion profiles, and are widely used in the production of plastic products. Due to the prominent price advantage of recycled plastics and significant benefits, the domestic recycling market for waste plastics has gradually become a climate. At present, there are more than 5,000 various types of waste materials recycling enterprises in the country, with 160,000 recycling outlets, which are spread over almost every township, town, and large, medium, and small city.

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