How to skin care in cold winter

How to skin care in the cold winter, I think every person who loves beauty wants to know the most. After all, the skin is very fragile. Let's take a look at the skin care tips for using cosmetics during the day and night.

Day reminder:
1. Anti-pollution: Nowadays, the anti-pollution skin care is getting louder and louder, and anti-pollution skin care products are also favored by women. It not only blocks the ultraviolet radiation, but also resists the damage of the sand. In general, the ingredients in such skin care products mainly come from plants grown in a dry, cold environment such as the desert, the north and south poles, because the barrier component that builds the skin against external aggression can be found.

2. Moisturizing and hydrating can not be delayed: the wind in winter is the most hateful, in addition to making people feel depressed, and take away the most important thing in the skin - moisture, so moisturizing has become a top priority for windy days. But this is not a simple problem. Use moisturizing lotions and lotions with moisturizing formulas such as hyaluronic acid and botanical extracts. In the morning, use some oily creams to keep the sand from getting on the skin. If you feel dry during the day, you can use the beauty lotion to moisturize, or you can use a spray lotion. For hydrating products, the moisturizing effect of the cream containing vitamins A, D and E will be better.

Night tips:
1. Keep cleaning to the end: It’s not enough to just go back to the house in the windy days. It’s not enough to do deep cleaning and care. Therefore, it is of the utmost importance to have a strong absorbing ability and a clean product that can effectively "suck" the dirt in the pores while maintaining the moisture of the skin according to different skin types. Otherwise, if the skin is not thoroughly cleaned, it is most likely to cause acne when the skin stays in the skin.

2. Absolute performance of eye care: What is your expression in the windy days? Always squinting? So when you come back in the evening, it is best to give your eyes an eye mask, so that using cosmetics to strengthen the care can ensure the energy recovery of the eye skin.

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