Moschino Women's Perfume Bottle

Bright, romantic and smart, TOUJOURS GLAMOUR purple love. Cherry Eau de Toilette conveys the elegant and dexterous idea through the fun modern perfume bottle body; The silver metal pattern and the lilac perfume cap cover the light and shadow, and the proportion of the fashionable streamlined shape makes the passionate purple love. The cherry heart Eau de Toilette bottle adds a pleasant visual sensation. The excellent Gothic floral pane hollow pattern inspired by the master design inspired by MOSCHINO shines through the refraction of light. Perfume bottle is like a flower in full bloom, lilac silver ring bottom exquisite corolla, glass bottle is like a solid flower pot, which contains purple love. Cherry Eau de Toilette is its mysterious seductive flower.

Pressure Cooker Sensing Base is suitable for the production of pressure cooker.The pressure cooker raises the physical phenomenon by boiling the liquid at a higher pressure, applying pressure to the water so that the water can reach a higher temperature without boiling to speed up the efficiency of stewing the food. It can be used to heat the cooked food to above 100 °C. At high altitudes, the pressure cooker can avoid the problem that the boiling point of the water is lowered and the cooked food is not easily cooked. Pressure Cooker Induction Base

Pressure Cooker Induction Base

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