Dainippon Printing develops a transparent, high-barrier, vapor-deposited film

Dainippon Printing has developed a new durable transparent vapor-deposited film, "IB-PET-XP", which prevents penetration of water vapor and oxygen, resists stretching and bending. In addition to electronic components used for high moisture resistance, it can also be used as a medical server and instrument packaging material.

In the past, aluminum foil was often used for applications requiring high moisture resistance and preservability. However, the use of aluminum foil not only fails to see internal materials, but also cannot detect foreign materials using metal detectors. Therefore, Dainippon Printing launched a transparent vapor-deposited film with the same barrier properties as aluminum foil in April 2006. This time, we have further developed IB-PET-XP, which not only has high barrier properties, but also does not degrade the barrier properties whether the film is stretched or bent.

IB-PET-XP utilizes CVD (Chemical Vapor Deposition) technology and coating technology developed for packaging films to achieve high barrier properties and durability. Compared to foods, including transparent evaporated films used in the past, the water vapor and oxygen transmission rates have dropped to 1/5 and 1/3, respectively. Since the stretching and bending process does not cause a decrease in barrier properties of the film, it is possible to perform vacuum packaging, folding bags, stand-up pouches, and the like that require a load to be applied during film processing.

Source: Nikkei BP

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