Zhongyi Ink Releases CORNERAT M Thermosetting Ink

Thermosetting inks, also known as plastisol printing inks, can be printed on most fabrics that can withstand temperatures above 130 °C. The simple definition is that the ink is cured by the temperature, and it crosslinks and cures when heated. Paste at room temperature, in the printing operation will not plug mesh, fine particles, good ink, non-flammable, low odor, in line with the environmental requirements of fabric printing. This product has the characteristics of high elasticity, soft hand feeling, no surface tackiness, good fastness, and resistance to washing.

CORNERA TM Advanced Thermosetting Ink is a direct technology importer of semi-finished products imported from Zhongyin Ink Coatings Co., Ltd. and foreign well-known thermoset ink manufacturers. Ink Coating Co., Ltd. jointly completed the product packaging and post-processing procedures. CORNERATM thermosetting inks have passed three major heavy metal inspection standards: EN-7 1 PART 3 (Europe), ST MARK PART 3 (Japan) and ASTM-F9 6 3-9 6A (USA).

special attention items:

1. The dyes used in many dark dyed fabrics are disperse dyes, which are liable to cause color sublimation at high temperatures (above 120°C), resulting in print migration problems. When printing such a fabric, it can be controlled by (1) increasing the thickness of the printing ink layer or the number of printings during printing, and (2) printing using a PY series ink with good migration resistance.

2. Print adhesion and washability. In general, thermosetting inks have good adhesion to a variety of fabrics. However, if the fabric has been subjected to special treatment (eg, water repellent treatment, coating treatment), the thermosetting ink may lose its ability to adhere. In addition, if the print is not mature enough, it will greatly reduce its adhesion. This point, the user must pay attention.

3. The impact of climate. In the winter when the temperature is low or the humidity is high, the degree of ripening may be affected, so the curing time or the aging temperature must be extended to solve the problem.

Source: Screen Printing Industry

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