High-quality cutting knife should have the characteristics

High-quality cutting knife should have the characteristics

1. The use of high-quality steel: The steel has a compact molecular structure, the blade body is flexible, there is not much rebound after bending, and the molecular structure still maintains a close connection.

2. Superb surface decarburization treatment: The more brittle carbon molecules are removed from the surface of the die cutter, so that the blade will not be embrittled when it is bent, resulting in the blade body being broken. Like a layer of soft leather to wrap the blade, it is more convenient for bending.

3 excellent heat treatment: according to different requirements of customers to adjust the mold section knife to different hardness, and the knife body is soft and easy to bend and adjust the hardness of the blade peak to make it durable.

4. Extremely high precision: The higher the precision of the die cutter, the shorter the pressure adjustment time of the die cutter, the lower the mechanical wear, the faster the production speed, and the better the die cutting effect. In particular, die-cutting of self-adhesive labels and non-precision die-cutting cutters are not qualified.

5 should have more specifications, models for customers to choose: die cutter choice should have more specifications, models for customers to choose; die cutter choice should be based on three principles to choose: (1) whether the long version of production; (2) whether the customer's request is high; (3) whether the die-cut pattern is complicated. Choosing the most suitable model and specification die cutter is the key to die-cutting quality assurance.

If you distinguish between quality and poor quality die cutter

1. The blade with quenched blade is usually called soft knife because of its soft blade and hard blade peak. In the soft knife, the thickness of the quenched area has a great influence on the durability. The larger the quenched area, the greater the ability to support the mechanical pressure transmitted by the blade, and the less the contact area between the harder blade peak and the softer blade body. At that time, the hard part will be recessed into the soft part, or it will easily come off, and the bearing force will be insufficient or reduced to zero, that is, the life of the knife will be shortened. Of course, the area of ​​the quenched layer cannot be increased without limit. Excessive area of ​​the quenched layer will affect the bending of the die cutter. Because of the importance of the quenched layer, plus the larger the area of ​​the quenched layer, the higher the cost of the knife, so some unscrupulous manufacturers even use the color coating method to apply a layer of ink on the blade peak to say quenching to trick the user. As a user, you should have a clear-headed mind and do not be tricked by counterfeiters.

2. The higher the precision of the die cutter, the better the quality and the higher the grade. Taking Bohler die cutter as an example, the precision is ±0.02mm, and the accuracy of Type A, B, and C cutters can reach ±0.007mm. For example, A type knife is used for a long time. Accuracy can reach ±0.007mm (B class, C class the same), this approach is easy for users. As long as the user specifies the purchase of the same type of knife, the price does not change, and the accuracy can be obtained in a large number of ± 0.08mm, while the ordinary make-up paper is only 0.05mm thick, the tolerance is difficult to use to make up the bottom of the paper. Especially for die-cut die cutting with extremely high precision requirements, these rough die cuts simply fail.

3. The selection of different hard bottom varieties will help adapt to different needs. Some brands have only one or two hardness knives, which are simply not adequate for die-cutting thicker materials. On the other hand, if only a very hard knife is used, it is very problematic for the complex pattern of wood molding. Or sometimes users reluctantly use the same knife in different requirements of the die-cutting production, failed to achieve the best results, so the choice of more varieties is the characteristics of high-quality brands.

The choice of high dwarf peaks and knife patterns

When choosing a high-quality cutting knife, you should pay attention to choosing the peak and dwarf blades according to the thickness of the die-cutting material. The peak cutter can cut both thin paper and thick paper, and can be used on a single-sheet automatic die-cutting machine. It can also be used on a hand-operated die-cutting machine that cuts two or three sheets of paper at the same time, and has a wide range of applications. However, if the user's products are single, and all are thin cardboard, such as cigarette packs, long-term die-cut cigarette packs less than 400 grams thick, then we recommend the use of dwarf knife, because these plants usually use automatic die cutting machine, The sheet-fed paper is die-cut, with a high speed and a large number of dwarf cutters. For the longer version and more durable requirements, because the peak height of the peak of the dwarf blade is higher than the peak, the pressure is more stable and the durability is more durable.

In addition, when selecting a high-quality cutting knife, it is necessary to pay attention to the horizontal stripe treatment or the ruled line processing. The knife with a horizontal stripe treatment is more effective and durable for die-cutting paper, and the stability and accuracy are higher, and it is not easy after being bent. Cracking, and ruled surface of the knife seems to be very sharp, it will die cut when the plate surface, not long time is easy to blunt, at the same time, easy to crack after bending, so in addition to die-cut film products, use Straight-line knife is more smooth, die-cut paper products is best to use cross-cut processing die cutter.

The high speed of today's automatic die-cutting machines requires more and more high requirements for die cutters. Stimulator die cutter manufacturers are developing high-standard products. Leading the world of die cutter production technology, Austria's Bohler launched Supreme, using a special metal coating on the blade of a high-quality die cutter to fill in the capillary pores and gap marks. The peak is more smooth, the friction between the knife and the paper is smaller, the mechanical wear is reduced, and paper dust is not easily generated. More suitable for die-cut recycled paper; especially high-demand products, such as kits, food boxes, packaging boxes that do not stick paper dust should choose Supreme (knife) knife, up to 2 million die-cutting, is the most high-end mold Cutters are called "king cutters".

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