Colorful secondary packaging

The so-called secondary packaging, that is, the second packaging that has been made on an existing inner packaging or sales packaging, usually refers to an outer packaging or a transportation packaging. Such as the use of cardboard boxes, wooden boxes, iron drums, paper drums, wooden barrels, trays, containers and other items for packaging. The traditional secondary packaging only plays a role of protecting the goods, facilitating transportation, and briefly marking the content of the packaging. There is no new or beautiful statement on the appearance and color, and even the promotion of the appearance of the secondary packaging is not considered. , attracting consumers and promoting product sales. With the rapid development of the world commodity economy, large supermarkets around the world have become major shopping venues. Goods, especially fruits, vegetables, meats, foods, and complete sets of porcelain and furniture sold in self-selected arcades, do not require secondary packaging; at the same time, such secondary packaging should be changed from previous packaging concepts and must undergo revolutionary changes. Or update it to meet the requirements of modern product sales.

Modern secondary packaging not only has the function of protecting commodities and facilitating transportation, but also has the function of beautifying goods, propagating goods, and promoting sales. In the structure, shape, decoration and printing must be all-round design, meticulous production. Structures such as unfolding, display, etc. can be used, together with beautiful decoration and colorful printing patterns with propaganda function, so that the new secondary packaging becomes a direct medium for the sale of goods, which facilitates the use of the packaging itself at the sales site. The merchandise is advertised for direct and lively promotional effects. In this regard, the secondary packaging of the United States has done very well and is worthy of imitation from all countries in the world. This article introduces the successful example of Georgia-Pacific company's secondary packaging to the packaging industry in China in order to inspire.

At present, in the United States, there is a great deal of secondary packaging of corrugated cartons with exquisite print designs and novel shapes. In some large shopping malls, supermarkets, shopping malls, clubs, discount stores, such as Wal-Mart, Coster, Sangpu Club, Tagart, etc., we can see the highly attractive corrugated box secondary packaging decorated by flexo printing. commodity. This new type of secondary packaging that has recently appeared in the U.S. market has changed from the old traditional features of simple secondary packaging, single shape, plain printing, to the content of the content, and replaced by a novel structure and beautiful appearance. Well-printed and vividly patterned new secondary packaging. This kind of screen printed on the secondary packaging of corrugated cartons using flexographic printing technology has a color image effect. If the content is agricultural products, the beautiful picture not only vividly shows the vivid appearance of the agricultural product, but also vividly reproduces the beautiful pastoral scenery of the origin of agricultural products, giving people a feeling of immersive and returning to nature, thus inspiring The consumer's desire to buy has a strong attraction and promotion effect. At the same time, it is a silent advertisement that is easily accepted by consumers.

The corrugated carton box with a beautifully printed and novel design is fixed on a wooden pallet, which not only optimizes its display effect, but also facilitates storage and handling. In order to further improve the competitiveness of secondary packaging and reduce related costs, users of such secondary packaging are demanding that packaging companies design and produce secondary packaging that is more exotic and more colorful, that is, using flexographic printing. Increase color change, compete with offset printing and rotogravure printing. Today, traditional secondary packaging, which has only the protection of goods, is easy to transport, and is simple in appearance, flat in appearance, and only indicates the name of the contents and has no display effect, has disappeared in the United States.

The Georgia-Pacific company of the United States has become the most successful model in secondary packaging innovation. The 36-inch by 24-inch high-volume three-layer corrugated cardboard watermelon packaging box designed and manufactured is fixed on a wooden pallet, and its structure and shape are novel. Excellent print quality, vividness of patterns, and colorfulness can be considered as a must. It has won the flexographic printing gold award and the best display award issued by the American Flexographic Printing Technology Association.

The Georgia-Pacific company's innovative secondary packaging box is made of three-layer corrugated cardboard. Its shape and structural design are reasonable, and it can completely withstand the weight of the packed watermelon. The secondary packaging box is fixedly installed on a wooden pallet, and the watermelon grower directly packs it in the production area. The cartons under the box trays not only enhance the integrity of the cartons, but also bear the weight of the whole box of watermelons, and greatly facilitate the storage and transportation of the watermelons. Compared with traditional watermelon packaging and storage methods, its superiority, rationality, protection, and economy are self-evident, and it is indeed an ideal agricultural product packaging and storage and transportation method. However, the secondary packaging of such a three-layer corrugated carton is indeed quite difficult in terms of design, robustness and printing technology. Among them, the implementation of multi-color continuous pattern printing on the panels surrounding the carton is a challenge to the packaging manufacturer.

The printing plates of this secondary packaging are different from the general printing plates and are specifically designed and customized to be compatible with the Georgia-Pacific large-scale BCM printing press. Since there are 86 inches (2 meters) of repetitive printing in a 215-inch long (5.5 meters) print pattern, this special printing plate must be made in three parts to complete this complex printing. When making a printing plate, it is first necessary to formulate a set of basic parameters according to the working characteristics of the BCM printing machine in order to obtain an ideal color space to complete a complicated pattern printing, and then these parameters are also used for the regulation of patterns and colors.

Another important and special process rule is that the plate must be firmly mounted on the cylinder of the printing press. Not only must it be securely mounted, but also the linear and precise alignment of the edge of the plate must be guaranteed. No slightest gap or displacement is allowed. .

In addition, there are special requirements for the printing press. Printing this type of printer for the watermelon secondary packaging box must complete the folding and stapling of the cardboard during the printing speed of 750 sheets per hour, and it must be printed during the printing process. Repeat this procedure in due course. In a batch of carton test printing process, the operator must carefully verify the quality and color of the printed pattern to ensure consistency with the contractual proofs. When the print quality and pattern color are consistent with the specified proofs, the print job can be started. For the first time, 3000 large carton boxes and 4000 small carton boxes can be continuously printed. The printed and stapled cartons are laid flat and glued on wooden pallets ready for delivery to the watermelon production site.

Source: PACK.CN

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