The problem of the fastness of screen printing ink has been solved

The sole purpose of the material room of the Printing and Packaging Department of Wuhan University is to develop new ink products and better serve the printing industry based on the continuous development of printing technology. According to the needs of the root users to develop a new additive - SL-05 increase the prisoner, the additives added to the screen printing ink, the ink can make a strong abrasion resistance and scratch resistance; ink after printing The film has high surface strength, good firmness and abrasion resistance.

As we all know, silk screen printing materials are very extensive, including plastics, stamping irons, calcium plastic boxes, etc. Since these materials have low surface free energy, inks are printed on the outer surfaces of these materials and are subjected to frictional forces in the circulation of goods. The phenomenon of ink peeling can occur, resulting in incomplete print patterns, affecting the appearance and quality of the product; this problem can be solved by increasing the fastness of the screen printing ink. SL-05 Adhesive is a special polymer that has a good affinity for pigments. It is used to increase the adhesion to plastics, iron and calcium-plastic box base materials, and has excellent weather resistance, can prevent The movement of the plasticizer increases the gloss and hardness of the oily ink film. The method of use is to directly add to the prepared ink, but the amount can not be too large, otherwise it will cause the ink surface to quit for a long time, and the general addition amount is 5%. The problem of the fastness of screen printing ink has been solved, and other problems will be easily solved.

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Office Chairs, defined as all chairs for the office, including staff chairs, conference chairs, visitor chairs, training chairs etc
From the perspective of material can be divided into: leather Office chairs, fabric chairs, mesh Office Chair, Office Chair
From the perspective of using type, can be divided into: boss Chair, staff Chair, Executive Chair, Conference Chair, Conference Chair
From the perspective of use, there are staff of the Office,meeting room, reading room, the library, classrooms, laboratories, staff quarters
1. The main fabric with high-quality breathable mesh, mesh gloss is good, soft and rich toughness, moderate thickness, breathable soft feel and full of toughness.
2. back according to ergonomic design, can reduce the sedentary back discomfort, so that the seat reflects the human care and modern beauty everywhere.
3. Seat with high-density stereotypes sponge, soft and hard moderate, good resilience, no deformation, a comfortable seat, the inner use of molding
Curved wood panels are moisture-proof. Antiseptic. Pest control, seat lift. Happy. Rotation. And can lock the number of Happy.
4. Handrails for the pu plastic, chairs with paint material, chair wheels for high-quality floor wheels, moving smooth no sound without wear.

Office Chairs

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