Development of Metal Packaging under Circular Economy (Part Two)

Production capacity is higher than output, production and demand are seriously out of balance, resulting in waste of resources

Like the unrestricted fertility of the year, the purchase of a large number of production lines and production equipment in the blind days has resulted in the release of production capacity at a high level. Assets are also resources. The improper use of funds and advancement of investment are all related to the building of a conservation-minded society advocated by the central government. This kind of advancement and our lagging in the reform of the system and mechanism are sometimes lamentable. Fixed investment is too fast, overheated, and the consequences of ending the meal. Depreciation costs of enterprises, crowding out working capital, delaying loan repayment cycle, increasing financial costs, losing financial integrity, idle equipment period, increasing (a) frequent maintenance costs and costs, etc., eventually led companies to break through the bottom line and enter unprecedented fierce The disorderly competition, even contrary to the laws of the market, the cost and the selling price are upside down. So far, people in the industry have said that they are still unhappy.

Adhere to sustainable development, build a conservation-minded society, and develop a metal packaging industry in China based on circular economy

Some aspects that should be paid attention to in the future development of the industry;

1. In project decision-making, we must control market risks from a strategic perspective, control industrial investment, and pay attention to excess production capacity.

2. Metal packaging in the "Eleventh Five-Year" to the next ten years, or to fully meet domestic demand. Pay attention to the transformation of the economic growth mode of the industry, prevent over-expansion of industrial scale, and phase out enterprises with high consumables, high energy consumption, and high pollution.

3. In the next few decades, the biggest obstacle to the rapid growth of China's economy will be resource and environmental factors. This is also the engine that the packaging industry is facing. Therefore, the packaging industry cannot separate itself from the overall economic development situation, and there will not be anything quiet and independent. We know that modern economic growth depends first and foremost on the advancement of technologies and skills. Therefore, whether or not we can continuously maintain technological advancement is the best way to resolve resources and the environment that are twins that plague the long-term stable development of the industry. While aiming at foreign advanced technologies, we must base ourselves on improving the nation’s scientific and technological innovation capabilities, and accelerate technological progress. We must have a high starting point in research and development, target accuracy, and strive to catch up with the international advanced level, and master a number of core technologies in several important areas. , With a number of products with independent intellectual property rights, to create a number of internationally competitive companies and brands, to firmly regard technological advancement and innovation as the primary driving force for economic and social development, and to improve the capability of independent innovation as an adjustment of economic structure and transformation. The central link of growth methods and improvement of the competitiveness of the industry is to make building an innovative country a major strategy for the future.

4. The current scientific and technological achievements are generally lagging behind in the areas of transformation and application, and the industrialization capability of Liji’s achievements is relatively weak. In view of this situation, we should focus on strengthening the incubation and training of products and materials technologies, build technical research and development, shorten the intermediate links of related technology application research, and promote the industrialization of technological achievements so that the role of science and technology in establishing a conservation-oriented society can be achieved. maximize,

5 Strengthen the linkage between enterprises and schools, cooperate with large-scale packaging and set up Sichuan, build and improve the service system of wide, academic, research, and trade; accelerate the cultivation and reserve of professional talents of Liji; systematically strengthen the rotational training of existing technicians .

6 Strengthen R&D and investment in the green packaging industry and vigorously develop products suitable for the recycling economy.

In order to reduce the impact of packaging products on the ecological environment and make more efficient use of natural resources, a multi-angle, multi-disciplinary research has been carried out around the development and manufacturing processes of new packaging materials and “decrease” and “thin-walled,” combined with structural design. Strive for breakthroughs in these areas. The green evaluation of green environment-friendly packaging materials in the processing process should generally consider the following factors:

- Reduction in the consumption of packaging materials;

- Reduction in the consumption of auxiliary materials;

- Reduction in energy consumption;

- Reduction in the consumption of public resources;

- Utilization of waste materials;

- Recycling of material debris produced during processing;

- Reduction of the weight and volume of manufactured materials consumed during processing of each basic unit packaging material

- The degree of pollution of water and air;

- The mixing rate and residual of solvents and other foreign substances in the processing of packaging materials;

——Protection of packaging and processing equipment for energy, resources and the human body.

7. Play the role of industry associations. In order to reduce the company's pain and help the industry solve the difficulties, the metal packaging industry organization - the metal packaging container, has repeatedly urged the relevant national ministries and relevant industry organizations to use anti-dumping measures with caution; organized a liaison meeting with the upstream and downstream industry organizations to carry out The price coordination, the industry price coordination meeting, and the strengthening of all aspects of industry self-regulation have done a lot of work and achieved certain results. All these factors also reflect the pain of the industry under the pressure of resources and energy, as well as trying to find ways to ease the elimination. In the future, we will continue to play the role of a bridge and link between the government and enterprises, actively reflect the company’s appeals, seek the support of relevant departments, and seek the understanding and coordination of common industries for common development.

Experts pointed out that to build a conservation-minded society, we must firmly grasp the key points of changing the economic growth mode, adjusting and optimizing the economic structure and developing a circular economy. To change the mode of economic growth, shift from relying mainly on the input of resources to improving the efficiency of resource utilization, and effectively using the market to allocate resources. We know that in the industrial field, relying on technological advances can reduce energy consumption per unit by 20% to 30%. Therefore, we should also vigorously promote clean production in the metal packaging industry and build a green standard evaluation system for metal packaging. To be good at discovering and exerting their own comparative advantages, we must promote technological advancement, encourage technological innovation, and optimize the overall functioning of regional functions by optimizing the combination of resources and the effective link of the industrial chain to form the comparative advantages of the entire region and build interaction within the industry. Transfer, radiate, develop new alternative materials and high-performance materials, adjust structure, intensive operations, develop high-end products, and use technology to enhance competitiveness.

Many varieties of packaging industry in our country have shown the image of the largest mountain packaging country in terms of both output value and output, plus the development of related industries on the downstream, the growth of total retail sales of consumer goods and the 2008 Olympic Games to be held, and 16 more. The ambitious goal pointed out by the conference--the quadrupling of the national economy in 2020 and so on--will be good for the metal packaging industry. From the perspective of per capita consumption, the metal packaging market in China still has great potential. According to statistics, the average per capita consumption of beverages in China is about 10 cans (the sum of two cans and three beverage cans) is significantly lower than the average level of 380 cans in the United States; China's per capita annual consumption of canned food is less than 1.9 kg, while developed countries in Western Europe They all reached 50 kilograms. (A) The average annual consumption level of the people is 23 kilograms, which is far from reaching the so-called international level. There is still much room for development. If China's annual per capita consumption increases by 10 cans, 26 billion cans of supply capacity will be needed each year. Therefore, adhere to the concept of sustainable development, in the framework of building a conservation-oriented society and the development of circular economy, in the synchronous development with the prosperity of the market, the varieties of metal packaging products should also strive to adapt to market demand, and constantly updated. Lighter weight, more provincial materials, more environmentally friendly, and more visually appealing packaging are constantly calling for technological progress and innovation in metal packaging.

At present, developed domestic iron products have been used O. 12mm or even more ultra-thin tinplate, using micro-seal technology for can making, making barrels and lids, and new technology of direct heating of cans by Sichuan fire or microwave oven, this is inseparable from the company's large-scale research and development of metal packaging products The investment will reduce dependence on raw materials and dependence on production: Domestic companies have also begun to increase the speed of research and development of R&D: More than Beijing Origen Company has dared to explore a new path, which was successfully developed last year. Three-wall cans, thickness, can be reduced to the product ratio o. 03-0.05 mm, the advantage is that in the production process to reduce the loss of materials, reduce production costs, low scrap rate, reduce the purchase cost of 15% of the plant, due to the secondary cold rolling of iron, process technology is relatively stable, Created an independent research and development road to reduce resource consumption and realize the sustainable development of the metal packaging industry.

In recent years, in order to reduce the company's pain and help the industry solve difficulties, the metal packaging industry organization - metal packaging container, has repeatedly urged the relevant national ministries and relevant industry organizations to use anti-dumping measures with caution; organization and the upstream and downstream industry organizations The conference conducted price coordination; the industry price coordination meeting strengthened various aspects of industry self-regulation and did a great deal of work and achieved certain results. All these factors also reflect the pain of the industry under the pressure of resources and energy, as well as trying to find ways to ease the elimination.

Increase investment in the resource reproduction industry, and strive to increase resource utilization, alleviate resource shortages, and reduce pressure on environmental pollution in the development of recycling economy and cleaner production. According to statistical data on relevant economic data, the industrial scale of renewable resources in developed countries at the end of the 20th century was 250 billion U.S. dollars, which was increased to 600 billion U.S. dollars at the beginning of this century and is expected to reach 1.8 trillion U.S. dollars in 2010. These statistical data at home and abroad reflect in many aspects, and there is still much room for development in China's metal packaging market. There are too many similarities between the development of the metal packaging industry and the future development of the packaging industry. Many of the roads followed are unavoidable and even irreversible issues encountered by developing countries in their pursuit of rapid economic development. As the third step of the packaging industry's development strategy, in conjunction with the strategy of the central government to build a conservation-minded country, the future of metal packaging should also be closely followed by other packaging industry categories as the transformation of economic growth patterns, with resources. Efficient and recycling, to promote the sustainable development of China's metal packaging industry.

In order to reduce the company's pain and help the industry to solve the difficulties, the metal packaging industry organization - metal packaging container, has repeatedly urged the relevant national ministries and relevant industry organizations to use anti-dumping measures with caution; organize meetings with the upstream and downstream industry organizations to conduct the price Coordination; industry price coordination meeting, strengthening all aspects of industry self-regulation, made a lot of work, and achieved certain results.

Source: China Packaging Network

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