Paper box with polyurethane foam

Patent name: Wu Yukui, the main applicant for a paper Packaging Box with polyurethane foam Patent applicant 412000 Wu Youkui, inventor, No. 507, Building 5 Zhuzhou Metallurgical Vocational and Technical College, Zhuzhou City, Hunan Province (patent) No. 200420068679.X Application date 2004.09.08 Approval Date Publication No. 2725203 Audit Announcement Date 2005.09.14 Instruction CD-ROM D0537 Main Classification No. B65D81/03 Classification No. B65D81/03 Sub-division Original Application No. Priority Subtotal This utility model relates to non-ferrous metal products, metal products, Expensive products and paper boxes for fragile and fragile products. The utility model comprises a Paper Box body with a lid, an inner lid and a polyurethane foam inner body; a product mold hole is arranged on the inner body, a packing belt for binding between the inner body and the paper box body, and the packing belt is U-shaped Between the body and the box body, the inner body is foamed in the carton body and integrated with the carton body and the packing band. The use of cardboard boxes instead of wooden boxes has a low cost and light weight, saves transportation costs, and protects forests and the ecological environment. The Packaging box is novel in concept, simple in structure, good in packaging protection performance, convenient and practical, and avoids the economic loss caused by the product being easily crushed and destroyed during transportation. Sovereign item 1, a paper packaging box with polyurethane foam, which includes a box body (1), a box lid (2), a foamed plastic inner lid (3) and a polyurethane foam inner body (4), and an inner body (4) There is a uniform product mold hole (5), which is characterized in that: the box body (1) is a paper box body with a box cover (2), and two upper ends of the box body (1) are provided at both upper and lower ends. Symmetric bag hole, between the box (1) and the polyurethane foam inner body (4) in the box is provided with two binding straps (6), the strap (6) is U The utility model is placed between a carton (1) and an inner body (4). Both ends of the packing band (6) are pierced outward through the bag holes at the upper ends of both sides of the carton body. The polyurethane foam inner body (4) ) is foamed in the carton body (1) and integrated with the carton body (1) and the packing strap (6) in the carton body. International Application International Announcement Date of Entry into the Country Patent Agency Zhuzhou City Changjiang Patent Office Agency Address Agent Xiao Meizhe

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