Pneumatic injection molding machine

The LSQ series pneumatic bench-top injection molding machine independently developed and produced by Shenzhen Lisu Machinery Co., Ltd. has obtained a number of national patents and has entered the Chinese injection molding machine market with strong strength.

Compared with the traditional hydraulic injection molding machine, LSQ Pneumatic Injection Molding Machine only uses AC220V power supply, saves more than 80% of electricity, and saves more than 90% of water, which solves the problem of thermal stability and discoloration of low-toxicity, environmentally friendly plastics.

LSQ series pneumatic injection molding machine is a bench-top injection molding machine with compressed air as its power and hydraulic cylinder as its actuator. It not only has the features of low energy consumption and light weight of the pneumatic system, but also has hydraulic equipment.
High stability and controllability. The main features are as follows:

1. Because it is powered by compressed air, it has no pollution to the environment and works without noise. An air compression pump station can simultaneously drive multiple pneumatic injection molding machines to work simultaneously. Equipment maintenance, maintenance easier and lower cost.

2. The equipment adopts a special gas-liquid transmission system. The controllable pressure of the equipment is up to 400KG/cm2. The special performance of its structure and power can make the equipment design lightweight and miniaturized. It is especially suitable for the production of high-precision products with an injection volume of less than 15 grams, such as the production of hardware and plastic accessories such as audio-visual, DC power supply, charger, communication, and network device connectors. The traditional way of pushing hand-moving moulds does not change and the efficiency increases by 20%.

3. Feed injection system uses a built-in self-rotating screw melt, plunger injection structure. The plastic material is more fully plasticized, the exhaust performance is better, and the operation is simpler than the screw-type hydraulic injection molding machine, and has better molding effect and accuracy. The unique barrel and screw design can perfectly solve the problem of thermal stability and color change of environmental protection and low-toxicity plastics. It completely eliminates the damage to the molecular structure of the screw when the engineering plastics melts, and the plastic compression ratio is more troublesome to the equipment when feeding. .

4. Due to the miniaturization, energy saving and environmental protection of the equipment, production workshops can be arranged into production lines. This working method is twice as efficient as traditional production arrangements and saves more than one-fifth of human resources.

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