Flexo Printing Product Failures and Solutions II

Second, stripes or spots

1. Phenomenon: There are spots of unwanted light or dark color on the roll.

2. Reasons: (1) The anilox ink transfer roller is not inked locally; (2) The printing plate is uneven and the ink is uneven; (3) The printing process forms bubbles; The ink splashes on the material to be printed; (4) Ink is too thin; (5) poor ink viscosity; (6) uneven thickness of the substrate; (7) the impression roller is injured or stuck dirt.

3. Solution: (1) Clean the anilox roller or check the ink volume of the ink plate. If insufficient, please add enough; (2) Check the printing plate, from the ink to the ink supply; (3) In the ink Add anti-foaming agent; (4) Check the ink cover, ink tube connector, ink tank, to prevent excessive ink flow and leakage; (5) add new ink; (6) increase the viscosity, change thin and thick uniform substrate; 7) Check the impression cylinder, replace and remove dirt.

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