Edge Triangular Packing for MP3 Players

The Neuros MP3 player uses side-triangle packs, and the translucent custom metal packs play a unique piece of music with the SBS carton, which makes it unique and differentiates the product and increases shelf appeal. The package is made of a three-layer metal bag and outer film. The silver translucent metal bag is printed with the MP3 player's pattern and descriptive text to achieve the harmonization of the outer package picture and the pattern printed on the inner carton. The film is printed by reversal gravure printing using four colors and three spot colors. In addition to the distinctive high-tech appearance, it also has a very good anti-counterfeit effect. If you want to fake, the metalized film package will leave evidence of tampering because it seals the expensive electronic components inside, on the edge of the triangle The slits in the sheet allow you to reach the inside of the tray.

Source of information: pack.cn

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