Japan successfully developed a food container capable of suppressing dioxins

Japan's Central Chemical Company has successfully developed a food container that can suppress dioxin. The container is a one-time convenient container and a cooked food container. The polypropylene and talc are highly mixed into a sheet and are formed by hot pressing. The material itself does not generate any gas, such as hydrogen chloride, that easily reacts with dioxins, and it can adsorb and fix hydrogen chloride gas generated from other wastes during combustion, thereby suppressing the production of dioxins.

Product Advantages
1. ECO-friendly 
    The material of the Sticker Cleaner is microfiber,it is a very economical, environmentally and safe product.
2. Promotional 
    Screen Sticky Cleaner printed logo or picture ,can be a nice promotional gifts.
3. Effectively protection 
    Clean up the fingerprints and dust of screen
4. Reusable and rewashed.
    You can pepeat cycles 3,000times.

How To Use 
Step 1
Gently peel the adhesive sticker off.
Step 2
Lightly wipe the screen with the side of the Microfiber Cloth.
It can removes dust, oil and fingerprints from screen without any scraped.
Step 3
After rinsing in water, it can be restoring adhesion as before.


A. 80%polyester&20%polyamide with silicon / pu

B. 70%polyester&30%polyamide with silicon / pu

C. 80%polyester&20%nylon with silicon / pu

Delivery time:

1. sample time: 3~5 days in general

2. products time: 20 days after samples confirmed

Payment: T/T, L/C, D/A, A/P, Paypal, West Union

Sticker Cleaner

Sticker Cleaner

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