"Da Vinci" event Wuhan replayed 150,000 sets of furniture and put it on top

This newspaper (reporter Li Xiaojun) consumer Mr. Liu custom-made "Kang Wang" brand solid wood cabinets before the Spring Festival decoration. Half a year passed, and a series of quality problems in the cabinet made him distressed.

Mr. Liu, who lives in a private house in Moshan Moshan 2nd Road, said that the whole set of cabinets was paid by his father and cost more than 150,000 yuan. At the time of delivery, the side panel paint of the cabinet was not brushed, and the bottom plate was also very thin. When it was pressed, the cabinet panel was missing more than 20 pieces. In addition, there are large seams in the cabinet. “When you wear it,” Mr. Liu said that the product he received was completely different from the sample he had previously seen.

“Buy such expensive furniture, the picture is natural environmental protection and easy installation in one place.” Mr. Liu said that it was a fancy to the promotion of Hong Kong Kangwang brand “all solid wood” and “whole furniture”, and both sides are in formal furniture. The contract signed by the store. In the end, you still need to paint the panel paint at home and pay extra fees. To this end, he believes that the furniture purchased by the heavy money is not as good as the general furniture work, but the return is unsuccessful.

Recently, the reporter came to the Jinsheng store of Wuchang Youyi Road, which distributes Kangwang furniture. As the sales staff of Kangwang furniture display counter is not available, the reporter reflected the situation to the “315 Sales Rights Protection Office” of Jinsheng Store. Manager Li of the store's marketing department said that the matter has been notified to Kangwang. If there is a quality problem that meets the relevant regulations, it will be responsible for the return. If the problem still needs to be investigated and dealt with, the store promises to pay the first payment and give the consumer a satisfactory solution as soon as possible. In the interview, another male staff member admitted that the furniture market has the responsibility of quality supervision for brand entry sales. For enterprises and products with serious decline in service and quality, there will be corresponding penalties after the investigation.

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