This year's May 1 home market big promotion aimed at "just need"

"Fake" and "price", two seemingly unrelated homophones, have been "fermented" by competition in many consumer industries, and have now become a pair of twin sisters. The same is true of the home industry. The first half of the May 1st and the second half of the 11th, once was the game time of each household market and each dealer account than the flow of people.

But the ever-changing market is doomed to have no permanent model. When in 2012, market demand fell sharply under the influence of various factors. For the Hangzhou home market where the competitive situation has become hot and normal, the traditional marketing methods and promotion rhythm need to be broken and need to be re-innovated.

As a result, May 1 is no longer the “sales season” that all markets are eagerly awaiting, but May 1 is still the “promotional season” that most markets are reluctant to give up. Starting from mid-April, the promotion of the market in the “Four Smokes” market in Hangzhou was advanced in the same period. Looking at the major markets in Hangzhou, the "price war" is still a multi-party marketing strategy, but even if everyone is fighting for the price of "shopping", how to better target this year's consumer main "just need a family", the mall merchants The subsidized real gold and silver flowers are still very worthy of the "blade", and each has its own mystery.

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Send home supplies that you are reluctant to buy or must buy

Discounts, full reductions, sweepstakes, cash backs, etc., for the increasingly rational consumers, there is not much new ideas. There are not many new ideas for promotion, so you have to win by honesty. For example, what is the ratio of cash back and high cash back? The same is the lottery, what is the prize? What is the number of winnings? The same is a cash voucher, which is more versatile? Less consumption restrictions? In the market visit, the reporter encountered Mr. Gu, who was planning to use the machine of the May 1st market to “get me” and get the building materials needed for the decoration. With the "sales defense war" that the major markets started in advance in early April, Mr. Gu has almost figured out the promotion "bottoms" of various markets. "This year's May 1 promotion, full of 'affordable' routes, the home market is quite a lot. Unlike last year's love of cars, iphone4s and other few people, the eye-catching trend of the trend is different, this year's market gifts are more intimate, more The cost-effective decoration must be based on buyer's products, such as air conditioners, sofas, mattresses, toilets, sinks, etc."

"To give benefits, it is necessary to give consumers what they are reluctant to buy." According to Shen Fanli, general manager of the sixth space metropolis, the fourth quarter of the 4th International Building Materials Carnival will continue in May. 300 prize-free and gold bars and other physical prizes will be given. The gifts in the market include latex pillows, functional sofas, creative tables and chairs, mahogany jewellery, etc., which are all big-name home gifts that every family wants to use but not necessarily willing to buy. .

And Ou Yada’s home furnishing gift to the “2012 Fifth Zhejiang Home Purchasing Festival” and Mayor’s “2012 China (Hangzhou) Basic Building Materials Large Ordering Conference” will be presented to May 1st. It is an air conditioner, washing machine, color TV and other home appliances that every home decoration must buy.

As a newly opened market, Jiubao Red Star Meikailong Jinmao MALL's "Building Furniture Furniture 51", from the manufacturers subsidized the purchase of a number of big-name mattresses, toilets, sinks, supply and demand for furniture, bathroom, kitchen cabinets, etc. Consumers of large and high-priced products will purchase at a low price of 99 yuan.

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5 to 10 discounts

When the competition is fierce, a single promotional offer can no longer effectively block the opponent, when the marketing difference occurs, the reporter found that this year's May 1 market price war, more popular offers superimposed profit model.

In order to maximize the customer base, gather popularity, let customers stay in a single market, complete large purchases, many home market launches of the chain offer can be described as "dynamic brains." Limited time snapping, full cash back, president signing, 0 yuan bidding, massive Taobao, value-added packages and other self-subsidy benefits, as well as art tour, sleep experience, children's graffiti, credit card cash reduction, VIP community buy, network spike, etc. Banking finance, children's institutions, real estate and other industries cross-border cross-border alliances, extending the classification activities for the needs of different segments of the population.

According to the reporter's incomplete statistics, this year's May Day promotion 3-4 days, the number of sub-activity of all mainstream home market organizations are more than 5, especially such as the New Age Home Life Plaza, Hangzhou Red Star Macalline, Hangzhou Ouyada Home, etc. In Hangzhou, the 3-4 store linkage chain brand market, the number of sub-activities that cross each other in series is as many as 10-20 items.

Taking Hangzhou Red Star Macalline as an example, under the big theme of Red Star National May 1 promotion “Happy Ode”, Yifeng, Jinmao and Gudun three stores launched a series of overlapping and profit-making activities for the consumer groups in the radiation circle. In particular, the two major cooperative malls, Yifeng and Jinmao, which are relatively far from the center of the city, rely on the financial support of commercial real estate partners and the strong strategic alliance system between Red Star Macalline and home manufacturers, whether it is Yifeng Store on the 28th. Closed 4 hours "special offer and subsidy" in-house purchase, or Jinmao MALL "21% of the city's price comparison" multiple benefits, regardless of promotion or participation in the brand will be the most in the first half of the mall.

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Multi-brand group group alliance integration price

In fact, vigorously participate in the May 1 promotion to benefit, in addition to the home market, there are many large brand dealers and manufacturers. In the situation of the overall sales decline in the industry, many big brands have taken the initiative to hold the group this year. They hope that through the integration of resources and the marriage of the mainstream market, they will seize more market share in the market, and maintain stable sales growth.

Every year, the New Age Home Life Plaza has invested heavily in the Universal Classic Home Products Tour, this year is the fifth. In this tour, the huge advertisement of the square has produced a marketing slogan that many people are quite heart-warming. “Buy building materials and don’t spend money, how much to pay back.” The reporter learned from the field and found that the “invisible” new era of this innovative marketing The protagonist of the event, the group of guests is the six building materials brands, Braun bathroom, Hao Laike wardrobe, Hanno floor, Asia ceramic tile, Colon Korma kitchen cabinet and Ruijin lighting. Please refer to relevant bank supervision funds, 50% cash back in 1 year, 60% cash back in 2 years, and so on. 100% cash back in 6 years. On the day of the event, 100% in 6 years and 90% in 5 years. The two-story purchase quota was sold out by consumers in a short period of time.

According to the person in charge of the market activities, during the May 1 promotion period, Shiyou Floor, Yiwang Fangmen, Xilinmen mattress furniture will also join the alliance, jointly launching “furniture and building materials without spending money”. The “Top Alliance” consisting of Kohler Sanitary Ware, Gold Kitchen Cabinet, L&D Ceramics, AIA Integrated Ceiling, Sofia Wardrobe, Fudeli Flooring, TATA Wooden Door, and more children's furniture will be 100 yuan in cash through the president's signing form. Change 2,300 yuan 8 big brand cash coupons, and then rush sales.

In addition, Red Star Macalline and the well-known home manufacturers formed a national strategic alliance, during the May Day, will also be in the Red Star Meikailong Jinmao Mall, with Gujia Craft, Zhibang Kitchen Cabinet, Gold Kitchen Cabinet, I Le Kitchen Cabinet, Piano's kitchen cabinets are the main characters, and the special value package is launched to launch brand joint marketing.

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