What are the speed requirements for the optional wire tension tester?

What are the speed requirements for the optional wire tension tester ?

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Wire tensile testing machine is also called tensile machine. The types of tensile tester operating standards are relatively wide. Some of the equipment on the market are in the range of 50~500mm/min , and some are in the range of 0.001~500mm/min . The former generally uses ordinary trapezoidal screw and speed regulating motor. Or frequency conversion speed control system, lower cost, greater wear and tear. For a long time, many experiments will produce shaking of the Venetian board, affecting the test accuracy, and the time will be used soon, the machine noise is relatively large, easy to bad;

A tractor-like pull machine in a laboratory is sure to be in a bad mood and follow-up maintenance is also a lot of investment. So think about our testers. The latter uses a servo system with ball screw, high precision, constant speed stability, small wear and good durability.

The repeatability of the test measured by the computer tension machine is also good. Standards have stipulated experimental conditions, and what materials are of a certain speed, because the measured values ​​of force are not the same at different speeds. If the servo system is used by all types of production equipment robots, if you have the opportunity, you can go to the auto factory to see, and every part of the auto parts is exactly the same. Think about this kind of machine in your own factory can be more assured that the product out of the test has confidence in the heart, the price will also sell higher, customers are also easy to accept. Therefore, it is recommended to match the servo system ball screw fully to meet user requirements.

Of course, the test is not much, the power can not choose the ordinary trapezoidal screw plus speed motor or variable frequency speed control system. Economical and practical. Can also draw ideal data

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