2012 Year of the Dragon home decoration furniture placement affects Feng Shui

The year of the dragon is booming. In this year, how to improve your fortune and let yourself and your family spend safely and auspiciously? The home feng shui layout can help you. Xiao Bian reminds that if you don't understand the feng shui of these furniture , it may quietly affect your 2012 fortune :

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First, the placement of the sofa

Sofas are usually placed in the living room for daily rest, meeting or chatting. Therefore, it plays an important role in residential feng shui. Therefore, you should pay attention to the following principles of Feng Shui when placing:

The back of the sofa should be relied on. The so-called relying on the back refers to the backing of the mountain. It means that the solid wall behind the sofa is reliable and has no worries. This is in line with the feng shui. From the modern psychological point of view, there is no rely on the back of the sofa, which makes people lack of security. There is always a sense of attack behind them. It is better to rely on the wall to get peace of mind. The alternative is to put the low cabinet or screen behind it and use the "artificial backing" to remedy it. Home decoration, Zhengzhou decoration design, Zhengzhou family decoration design, the sofa's pendulum method is extended with arms on both sides, symbolizing the left and right protection in the home Feng Shui. If the area is too small to do the left and right protection, the second best thing is to set up another sofa at the water level to form a water collection, which is also in line with the feng shui.

Second, the use of wood furniture

This can be applied to all the friends who are going to decorate their new home, or who are going to buy some furniture (unless they are ignoring their friends). In the home decoration, it is better to use wood materials.

Third, do not stress on the old age, you can re-place the furniture in 2012, Taiyuan is located in the southeast, so this position is very important. If it is too old to be stressed, it is not conducive to the shelter of the occupants. For example, if the heavy objects in the refrigerator, air conditioner, and furniture are located in the southeast, you may wish to move it around the year and re-arrange it, not only to resolve the situation of being over-stressed, but also to have a feeling of new year and new weather.

Fourth, the cabinet is often cleaned up

Nowadays, the rhythm of life is tense. Many friends are busy with work every day. When they go home, they just want to relax and relax. It is good to keep the surface of the home clean. Instead, they will put a lot of things that are not used or even useless in the cupboard. The cabinet became a glove box.

In the home feng shui, the cabinet has the meaning of the treasury. Just as property must be managed financially so as not to suffer losses; the treasury should naturally be organized and not a mess. So it is necessary to clean the cabinets often. Especially at the end of this year, it is necessary to thoroughly clean up and have a new beginning. In this way, you can also reduce the problem of spending money and losing money from the wind and water.

Fifth, the head of the bed can be adjusted appropriately

In one's life, almost one-third of the time is spent in bed. If the important influence of home feng shui on the host's fortune is considered as a whole, the feng shui of the bed occupies at least a quarter of the bed, while the head of the bed accounts for three-quarters of the feng shui of the bed. And the head of the bed is in the middle of your own control.

In 2012, the Western position was very conducive to wealth, promotion and salary increase, but also a good career. In the northeast, there are many things to celebrate, such as weddings, additions, promotion, and home ownership. It is also good for wealth, which is a good place.

Sixth, there are students at home, looking for a favorable position to place the desk

In 2012, Silv Wenchangxing was located in the east of the city, and Wenchangxing was beneficial to academic training and examination promotion. Four greens are known as the Wenchang, which is located in Zhengdong, and the four green woods are in the prosperous land. Jixing is therefore more prosperous. A white peach blossom is located in Zhengnan. In addition to the prosperous peach blossoms, Wang Wenchang, a family friend, is especially easy to absorb, smart and sensitive, and his studies are advancing by leaps and bounds. Therefore, if you place your child's desk in Zhengdong, it is in the south, and put a mascot on the table to open the Wenchang Tower, which is good for children to learn and learn.

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