Beijing Quality Supervision Bureau exposed 12 pieces of furniture formaldehyde release exceeded

According to the website of the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision, the results of the quality supervision and inspection of wooden furniture products in the production field in Beijing recently showed that there were 32 batches of unqualified products with a pass rate of 87.7%, of which 12 batches of formaldehyde were unqualified. And no trademarks are marked.

The China Economic Net reporter was informed that a total of 261 batches of wooden furniture products produced by 261 companies were investigated. According to the relevant standards and the Beijing product quality supervision and spot check program, 32 pieces of furniture were found to be unqualified, with a pass rate of 87.7%. It involves items such as drawer slide strength, cabinet stability, and formaldehyde emission.

China Economic Net reporter found that 12 pieces of furniture formaldehyde emission was unqualified from the results of the spot check, all of which were unmarked trademark products: Beijing Pingxifu Honglei Furniture Factory, Beijing Lucheng Longda Furniture Factory, Beijing Lucheng Jingyuan Furniture Factory , Beijing Lihao Furniture Factory, Beijing Huayue Furniture Co., Ltd., Beijing Taifuzhuang Jinfubao Furniture Factory, Beijing Hengfeng Furniture Co., Ltd., bedside table produced by Beijing Huanyu Furniture Co., Ltd.; Beijing Huangcun Chuangmeite Furniture Factory, Beijing Zirui The furniture cabinet produced by Furniture Co., Ltd.; the dining chair produced by Beijing Xihongmen Jinfujian Furniture Factory; the round table produced by Beijing Bohao Office Furniture Co., Ltd.

According to reports, the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision has dealt with the unqualified product manufacturers discovered this time. Most enterprises submitted rectification reports and review applications on time, and passed the review and inspection.

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