Flash built-in RFID tag

Pretec, a well-known mobile storage brand, recently introduced the latest product, the i-Disk Diamond series, which claims to be the world's thinnest flash drive. Its size is only 45.7x12.2x2.2mm, it has a unique water release design, and embedded RFID tags, the overall feeling is compact and ...more

Build a PDF file with PageMaker

With Pagemaker you can create an advanced PDF file that can be used for easy directory navigation. first step; 1. First, you must install Adobe's PageMaker 6.5, which is a tool for making PDF! It is a document layout editing tool for Adobe's housekeeping. Powerful, it can typeset and pro ...more

Austria produces thin plastic bottled beer

Austria, which will host the European Championships next year, announced recently that in order to reduce the possibility of violent conflicts in the European Championships, the alcoholic degree of the supply of beer in the European Championships will be low, and beer will use thinner plastic bott ...more

Synthesis and Application of Complex Fixing Agent FHAD

Author: Yang Juping Reprinted from: China Chemical Network printing 400ML Butane Gas CartridgeCamping Gas Cartridge,Butane Gas Cartridge In Bbq,400Ml Butane Gas Cartridge,Canister Bbq Fuel CartridgeViva Lighter (Chenzhou) Co.,Ltd , http://www.vivalightercz.com ...more

The main means of green packaging

First, starting from the material 1. Degradable plastic At present, the internationally popular "degradable new plastics" have excellent qualities that are self-decomposing and disappear after being discarded and do not pollute the environment. Germany invented a packaging cup made fro ...more

New Easy Retail Whole Package

The British retail giant TESCO previously used a shelf-friendly container to package dry fruit and nuts. Today, TESCO has switched to a new type of easy-to-retail retail monolithic packaging. The new package is an adhesive carton called Shelfmaster, which has a unique z-fold area where one person ...more

Tire vulcanization label

    The SR-TS868 label is designed for tire pre-vulcanization applications and the operating temperature is up to 395F (end-user must test). The label face material is white polyester, waterproof, slightly acidic, salt and alkali, most petroleum oils, oils and low fat solvents. The materi ...more