Stencil printing ink container, oil box, oil box manufa…

Patent name: stencil printing ink container, oil box, oil box manufacturing method and interposer Patent Application No. 200410001547.X Publication No.: 1517208 Application Date: 2004.01.13 Public Day: 2004.08.04 Applicant: Nippon Ideal Scientific Industry Co., Ltd. A stencil printing oil contai ...more

Colorful secondary packaging

The so-called secondary packaging, that is, the second packaging that has been made on an existing inner packaging or sales packaging, usually refers to an outer packaging or a transportation packaging. Such as the use of cardboard boxes, wooden boxes, iron drums, paper drums, wooden barrels, tray ...more

French Russell Packaging Design Works Appreciation (2)

Source of information: Mop Holder,Broom Mop Holder, Mop Rack ,Wall Broom Holder China leading manufacturers and suppliers of mop Holder, broom Mop Holder, and we are specialize in Mop Rack,Wall Broom Holder, etc. We are professional manufacturer on cleaning ...more

The problem of the fastness of screen printing ink has …

The sole purpose of the material room of the Printing and Packaging Department of Wuhan University is to develop new ink products and better serve the printing industry based on the continuous development of printing technology. According to the needs of the root users to develop a new additive - ...more

Development of Metal Packaging under Circular Economy (…

Production capacity is higher than output, production and demand are seriously out of balance, resulting in waste of resources Like the unrestricted fertility of the year, the purchase of a large number of production lines and production equipment in the blind days has resulted in the release of ...more

Synchronous belt transmission

At this year's Beijing Machine Tool Show, igus® launched more than 20 new products and extended products from its engineering plastic plain bearings, linear bearings and joint bearing series. The most notable of these is the newly debuted "DryLin ZLW", the first synchronous belt d ...more

Seasonal Packaging: Expand Market Opportunities

Supplying new products to the market is an expensive and risky speculation. An effective way to attract consumers is to use packaging to give the product a fresh and innovative look. The product's design strategy and packaging technology have provided new choices for the market. Using seasonal ...more