Don't let the wind and water harm you, you must kno…

Residential feng shui is best tailored to the characteristics of the owner. However, there are some general principles that are applicable. In the home layout, you can't make some taboos on the wind and water, otherwise you will live uncomfortably and have an adverse effect on the owner. The fo ...more

Plasticine candy making

Plasticine candy making Memory foam can automatically to adjust to body temperature, relieve pressure and help with the circulation of blood. When your body lie on it, it can diffuse pressure and keep symmetrical power to support people body. Elastic polyethylene f ...more

Glossary: ​​paper packaging process

High-tech is constantly evolving. In order to establish a corporate image and increase product awareness, many paper packaging companies have started to take measures. These companies not only reformed their processes but also thought about packaging. This led to the emergence of a variety of pape ...more

Special terms involved in typographic design

Introducing the introduction of special terms in the process of typographic design. It is especially important for those who are engaged in publishing work and design work. Let us learn and master these knowledge together. ∷ cover (also called seal, front cover, cover, written) The cover is ...more

Paper Cup Handmade - Little Swallow

Children's handmade paper cups - small swallow This part of BBQ Tools Set is packing with aluminum case for showing the professional .With a heavy duty aluminum case, it is easily store the Bbq Set when uses and assure tools' place. The case also makes it eas ...more

Graphic drawing of plasticine pencil

Graphic drawing of plasticine pencil EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate) is a vinyl made without chloride,  it is non-toxic. Our 100% environmental friendly material with safe printing doesn't release any unpleasant smell, which guarantee a good and safe environment ...more

Children's plasticine works - scorpion

Children's plasticine works - scorpion Magical Ocean World SeriesMagical Ocean World Series,Ocean World Series,Future World Series,Ocean Series Small Children PlaygroundZhejiang Egoal Playground Equipment Co., Ltd. , ...more